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  • Risk Management in Financial Markets environment can be daunting, as rates in foreign exchange, money and commodity markets can be very volatile and uncertain! With the shortage of specialized skills in the management of these risks, it often becomes unaffordable for many companies and individual investors to acquire the relevant skills to set up an in-house treasury.
    Change Financial Solutions is an alternative which offers a Treasury Management and Financial Market Risk Management solution that suits your specific needs at an affordable price. Our specialized knowledge and hands-on experience in Treasury Risk Management and Financial Markets provide corporate treasuries, SME’s and private individual investors with an appropriate solution to mitigate their risks

    What are the risks in a treasury environment?

    “Treasury” is a broad term relating to managing the financial health of an organization. Its primary goal has traditionally been to preserve cash resources and other financial assets.
    The above process addresses the management of the following risks:
    • Exchange Rate Risk;
    • Interest Rate Risk;
    • Commodity Price Risk;
    • Investment Risk;
    • Liquidity Risk [Cash Management].
    Management of these risks can achieve the treasury goal by:
    • Ensuring liquidity [availability of cash] to meet all current and future liabilities;
    • Applying a Funding Plan that effectively finances the business activities in the most appropriate and cost effective manner;
    • Identifying and mitigating against financial risks which could erode financial strength;
    • Effectively managing the administration of financial instruments; and
    • Encouraging an enterprise-wide culture of sound financial practice.


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About us

The team has vast experienced in the running of Treasury Departments in both Corporates and Banks .

Our extensive exposure to Treasury Management encompasses dealing in Foreign Exchange, Derivatives transactions and Money Markets, as well as managing of Corporate Currency, Interest Rate, Commodity and Liquidity Risks.

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